Privacy Policy

Changes in the law in May 2018 means we need to make you aware of how we handle any information you give to us. Your information is always subject to client confidentiality and Data Protection Regulations.  Only authroised staff member have acess to you and your pets details,  and we will not discuss any details with anyone apart from yourself, or someone you have authorised us to do so with.  We share only data which is ‘adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary in relation to the purpose for which it is processed’ meaning that we will only share details if it is relevant to your pets care, and to those groups detailed below. 

External Laboratories

When sending samples for analysis – your name and address and your pet’s details and any relevant medical history. 

Referral Vets

When referring your pet to a specialist vet – your name, address contact numbers and pet’s details and medical history. 

Insurance companies 

If you are insured  - your details are passed only to the insurance company your policy is arranged with. When completing insurance forms submitted to us by you,  your name, address, contact details, policy reference, pet details and medical history and any other information you have included on the claim form will be passed on to your insurance compane. We cannot complete and submit claim forms without consent from you to share this information with your insurance company. Your details wil not be shared with any other insurance company.

If you are not insured this is not relevant to you and your details will not be passed to any insurance companies. 

Pet crematoriums When arranging for cremation – your name, address, contact numbers and your pet’s details. 

Boarding establishments If no vaccination record is presented to the boarding establishment, they may contact us to confirm the vaccination status. We atempt to contact you for permission first but if we are unable to do so we will pass on only the details of the vaccination date.

Microchip companies When registering microchips implanted by us – your name, address, contact numbers, email address and your pet’s details. You details are not passed on to the general public if your pet is brought in as a stray.

Other veterinary practices If a history is requested by another vet we will do our best to contact you by telephone before releasing the history. If we are unable to contact you after 48 hours, we will send the history to the requesting vet. 

Halian Veterinary Centre may contact you by phone, by post  or occasionally via email if you provide us with your email address 

to send vaccine reminders, communicate test results or with other information relevant to your pet’s healthcare. If you do not consent to be contacted in at least one way then we will not be able to provide veterinary services as we need to be able to communicate with your regarding your pet’s care.

If you have any questions or concerns regard your data protection and safety please just ask a staff member